Aryn boats

High-low exclusive

The brand new High-Low Exclusive is a very luxurious carp boat that was designed by us in collaboration with Arynboats. The modern carp angler (or his / her partner) wants more comfort and we have thought of that. We have the first carp boat with hot water and shower, which really gives you the feeling of being on vacation.

All inclusive on the Lot.

Included are:

  • 10 KG Premium quality boilies. Made locally and proven on the Lot;

  • Four 10ft carp rods with long cast reels and braided line + strong leader;

  • All terminal tackle (except lead) for a week fishing the Lot

Below are some details of the boat, and what is included as standard when booking.

  • Length: More than seven meters, width: two and a half meters;

  • Four-stroke outboard engine 6 HP (the maximum power without a license);

  • Gangway around the entire boat for easy positioning;

  • Spacious aluminum cabin (headroom) with tent canvas at the front and rear to ventilate well;

  • Large awning to shelter from sun and rain;

  • LED lighting inside and outside;

  • Unique anchor system for fast and easy anchoring of the boat;

  • Very spacious deck (largest ever made by Aryn boats) for plenty of room to move;

  • Sundeck on the cabin, with space to put the unhooking mat and other items on;

  • Two high-placed beds (with very comfortable mattresses) with storage space underneath;

  • Two adjustable rod pods with space for three rods each;

  • Two comfortable carp chairs;

  • Kitchen with sink and tap, refrigerator, two-burner stove and all cooking and utensils;

  • 106 liter water tank with geyser for a comfortable warm shower (tank filling is possible at any time);

  • Fixed toilet with soft-close seat and cover;

  • Electricity including solar panel so that you are never without power;

  • Kamado barbecue for grilling meat and baking sandwiches;

  • Plastic dinghy including electric motor and two lithium battery packs;

Prefer to bring everything yourself? Please contact us.