BROOS boats


The F818 is a beautiful and very spacious carp boat that was designed by ourselves. This makes the boat perfect for fishing on the Lot. One of the most important things is anchoring. Sticks are heavy and cannot be drilled into the hard bottom of the Lot. That is why we have devised a special anchor system so that you are in the right place in no time. The boat also offers plenty of storage space, making it ideal for anglers who do not want to get off the boat during the session.

  • Length: seven meters, width: more than two meters;

  • Four-stroke outboard engine 6 HP (the maximum power without a license);

  • Gangway around the entire boat for easy positioning;

  • Headroom in the tent;

  • Unique anchor system for fast and easy anchoring of the boat;

  • Very spacious deck for plenty of room to move;

  • Two high-placed beds (with very comfortable mattresses) for plenty of storage space underneath;

  • Two adjustable rod pods with space for three rods each;

Optional to book:

  • Two comfortable carp chairs;

  • Refrigerator, two burner stove and all cooking utensils;

  • Pump shower on board for easy washing;

  • Kamado barbecue for grilling meat and baking sandwiches;

  • Plastic dinghy including electric motor;

  • Batteries.

Boot inclusief buitenboordmotor

Bijboot inclusief elektromotor en accu

Koelkast inclusief gas

Kamado barbecue inclusief houtskool en aanmaakblokjes

Gasfornuis en kookgerei (pannen, borden, bekers, bestek)

Extra accu

Onthaakmat, weighsling en net

Douche bij opstappunt

Boilies (verse freezerbaits)

€ 450 per week

€ 90 per week

€ 50 per week

€ 35 per week

€ 25 per week

€ 45 per accu

€ 20 per week

€ 5 per persoon per keer

€ 8 per kilo

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